What Are We Up To?

This post will be updated as we travel, giving you the latest information on where we are and where we (tentatively) plan to go.


Where are we currently?

We’re currently making our way from Denver, CO to Pittsburgh, PA so we can visit with family and friends for several weeks this summer.

This marks the end of the second leg of our journey, but we’re not staying for long!  We’re already planning the third leg which will tentatively take us from Pittsburgh to the Dakotas, the Pacific Northwest, down through the California national parks that we had to skip during the second leg when we decided to change rigs and probably back to the southwest for the winter.  We might throw a detour through the upper peninsula of Michigan in the beginning – we don’t know yet.

Hello, Kansas
Goodbye, Kansas


What is the weather like?

It was over 100 degrees and 80% humidity in Kansas.  I had no idea it was that awful there in June!  We’re now in Indiana and it’s ~75 degrees and muggy.  I can’t say we’ve missed the humidity of the east.


What new things are you seeing?

Lots of interstate highways and tractor trailers.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to us on our drive back so far has been having two tires catastrophically blow out on I-70 in Kansas within 20 miles of each other.  We’ll make a post about our experience (it only went downhill from there, including abandoned murder hotels, broken lug nuts, damage to the Fox, and self-medicating with cherry icees).  We had a pretty awful start to our trip back but it’s been uneventful since.

Front driver’s side tire blew. Putting on the spare – we should be good now…
Nope.  The rear driver’s side tire blew 20 miles later. Time to find a tire shop in Quinter, KS on a Saturday (population: 918).  That’ll be $500 for two $140 tires (we decided to step up to G-rated tires).  Note the damage to the Fox’s trim.


Where are we going?

We’re currently ~350 miles from our summer home (Hannah’s brother’s driveway). We should be arriving tomorrow afternoon and staying until mid-July.


Where were we last?

We were previously staying at a full hookup site in Cherry Creek State Park in Denver, CO.  We were supposed to have a dry/primitive site there, but fortunately some fellow full-time RVers had to leave their reservation early and transferred their reservation to us.  It was over 90 degrees there so we were thrilled that worked out.

Tim and Calla with Aunt Liz and Grandma Sutor

The big news of the last stop was that my (Tim’s) mom and sister flew out from Pittsburgh to stay for several days!  When they returned to Pittsburgh, they took Calla with them so she didn’t have to endure the 1,500+ mile drive from Denver to Pittsburgh.  And she’s getting much needed family time apart from her parents!

Reading with Aunt Liz
Reading with Grandma. Calla loves books!
Calla enjoying a local park’s playground. Cherry Creek had a pathetic playground so we had to go elsewhere.
Hannah trying (and loving) the electric Lime scooters for rent downtown
Grandma, Calla, and Aunt Liz waiting for Salvadoran food in Denver, CO


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