RVing in St. Augustine, Florida – Anastasia State Park and North Beach Camp Resort

St. Augustine Served Two Ways

As we’ve mentioned before, it is not easy to find spots for a 38′ motorhome in most of Florida’s state parks.  They usually only have a few sites that fit a rig that size (if any) and they’re almost always reserved until the end of time (or the end of the reservation window, whichever may come first).

We really wanted to see St. Augustine and had heard great things about Anastasia state park, so we booked it immediately when 3 consecutive nights at Anastasia became available on ReserveAmerica.com.  We like to stay in a place for longer than 3 nights… so we then had to find another place to stay, assuming we didn’t manage to extend our time at Anastasia somehow.   Which is why we ended up staying at two different campgrounds while visiting St. Augustine.


Exploring St. Augustine


Visitors from Home

We were thrilled to have Hannah’s dad and sister fly down to visit us in St. Augustine!  They stayed right in town and spent basically their entire 5 day stay visiting and exploring with us.  Hannah’s sister’s birthday happened to land when they were with us, so we even got to celebrate that with them!  It was great to have them with us and so fun to watch them with Calla.  She certainly loved their visit as well.


Calla loved spending time with our visitors


We have 2 guests – we must FEAST!



Part 1: Tales from the Swarm

We had heard great things about Anastasia state park from the beginning of our journey, and it’s clear why people love this place.  The location is great – it’s just a few minutes from downtown St. Augustine – and the beach is amazing. The whole park is really nice, actually.


Our spot at Anastasia state park


Expect for one minor detail – THE MOSQUITOES.  It turns out that hurricane Irma left a lot of standing water on the ground in this area.  And you know what loves water?  Mosquitoes.  Do you know what else they love?  Human flesh.

As beautiful as Anastasia state park was, it was absolutely ruined by the interminable mosquito siege that was going on in the campground.  Our site had large pools of standing water and tons of vegetation all around it, so we were not spared.

I’m usually not too bothered by bugs, but this was different – I felt like I was prey.  We had to literally run to the bathhouse when we wanted to shower (the sites are E/W only) while using the towel to debug ourselves.  We saw others embracing similar tactics, which turned out to be much funnier when it’s not you being attacked. And yes, we were using DEET, and no, that didn’t fully keep them away.

They  even managed to bite us as we rode our bikes – it felt like there was a cloud behind us, waiting for us to stop, while also producing kamikaze bugs that somehow landed on our backs while going 15MPH.


Inside Anastasia state park, near the beach access lot


Anyway, we made the best of it.  They weren’t bad at the beach or in St. Augustine itself, so we spent as little time as possible outside at the campsite and explored elsewhere.


Part 2: The Beach to the North – North Beach

We happily did not inquire about staying longer at Anastasia and moved on to our reservation at North Beach Camp Resort.  It was just on the other side of St. Augustine – only a 20 minute drive.  Fortunately the bugs there weren’t bad at all there.


Is that Trudy’s shadow or a swarm of mosquitoes?


North Beach is right on the banks of the Talomato River.  It also extends to the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of A1A.  It wasn’t our favorite spot, but it was decent enough.  The nightly rates were steep ($70+), the office was kind of dumpy, and the place had too many long-term residents for our taste, but it had a decent beach, full hookups, and was still close to St. Augustine.


Our pull-through site at North Beach


What was shocking, though, was the damage done to the area by hurricane Irma.  Many houses looked empty and even more had major exterior damage.  The shore itself was severely impacted as well – an insane amount of sand (tens of feet deep) was swept away by the storm.  Decks and fences that were previously at beach level were now 15 feet in the air.  Beachfront houses’ support beams were fully exposed and often damaged.  It was eye-opening and sad, but intriguing in an uncomfortable way.


Damage from Irma


More damage from Irma


Go home buoy, you can’t float in sand


Visiting Castillo de San Marcos

There is a really old, really big fort smack in the middle of St. Augustine.  It’s a national monument and definitely worth exploring.  We watched another cannon demo and learned a lot about its Spanish history and its coquina construction.


Castillo de San Marcos


Would not have wanted to be here in the 1600s


More Castillo


Calla spent some time in a prison cell


From the top of the fort, overlooking Mantanzas Bay


We really enjoyed our time in St. Augustine.  The city and its beaches are beautiful.  And having family visit us made it great!  We’d recommend a visit to Anastasia – the bug problem was due to the hurricane and probably is already back to normal.


Picked up a Calla-carrier for the used bikes we bought in Fernandina Beach.  The carrier cost more than the 2 bikes put together!  It appears we’ve achieved MAXIMUM COMFORT.


  1. So exciting that your family was able to visit! Although you’re living the dream I imagine it is difficult being away from family and friends. I canNOT believe you survived the bugs!! I envisioned an episode of Naked and Afraid minus the nudity. I wouldn’t have lasted a minute. It looks like Calla has grown to enjoy bike rides. Sleeping beauty! Thanks for sharing your experience and these lovely photos. I’d love to visit some of these places!

    1. Having my family come meet us was a dream come true. And omg I totally forgot about that show, Tim and I used to watch every episode! Little did we know we’d be living it out years later! They even swarmed/attacked in the shower – it was unreal. Calla still whines on bike rides but less so now, and yes, it puts her to sleep sometimes! Thanks for following along and we appreciate your comments!

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