Full-Time RVer Feature: The Adventures of Rich and Alli

This is the third part in a series featuring fellow full-time RVers. Find previous features here and here.

Tell me about yourself. Who are you? Who do you travel with?

My name is Allison and I travel with my best friend and boyfriend, Rich. I am originally from Pennsylvania and Rich is originally from Chicago. We met in Florida and live in Fort Lauderdale when we are not living the RV life. I am a travel Speech Language Pathologist and Rich is a Senior Recruiter for a medical staffing company.

Our travel motto is “We are on the journey of health, wealth, and love”!

Rich and Alli


How long have you been RVing?

We have been RVing since August 2017.

What was your catalyst for starting the full-time RV lifestyle?

We decided to hit the road and live the RV life to be able to explore the beautiful United States and have awesome adventures. I was unhappy at my full time job, unsure of where we wanted to settle down and buy a home, and really just wanted to make sure we had no regrets in life.

For me personally, it was more of a personal challenge to see if I could do something like this and gain opportunities and experience for my career in different settings around the U.S. Rich is always up for an adventure so for him it was no brainer to join the RV life.

What is your rig?

We drive a diesel pusher -class A Motorhome. 2015 Sportcoach Crosscountry. We refer to her has Wandering Wilma. We picked her up from a dealer in Houston, TX and drove her back to Florida to begin our adventure.

Wilma with a gorgeous sunset

Did you do anything to renovate your RV? If so, what?

We installed a new inverter, but other than that she was in great condition and basically brand new so we did not need to do renovations. We plan on down sizing to a smaller class A when we aren’t living the full time RV life, to use for road trips so we have chosen to not make many adjustments even though I would love to rip those horrible, tacky, windows valences off. Haha Of course we have chosen to decorate. I added a picture wall of Mixtiles and that were perfect for RV decor and help make it feel like a home.

What are your “must see” destination(s)?

Mount Rushmore

Penn State football game

Seattle, Orcas Island (San Juan Islands)

Mount Rainier

Vancouver Canada

Oregon coast

ski Lake Tahoe

Crater Lake National Park

Napa Valley Ca

Redwoods (Avenue of the Giants)


Death Valley

Grand Canyon, Arizona/Sedona (hike in Arizona and explore swimming holes)

New Orleans

Destin FL ( that place holds a special place in our hearts, was our first getaway together)

Austin and Dallas Texas

Anything in between! So many beautiful hidden gems to see in the US

Rich and Alli at Mt Rushmore

What advice would you give to someone considering the full time RV lifestyle?

The advice I would share is: It takes a strong team to make this lifestyle work. You have to be able to brainstorm, delegate tasks, and rely on each other on some of the most challenging days. I also would say that RVing is ALOT of work, it is not easy and if it was everyone would do it. Things break often and at the least desirable times, so you really need to be able to just roll with it.


What are the best and worst parts of life on the road?

Best part: being able to explore the US for an affordable price on your own timeline

Worst part: being apart from your family/friends and constantly having to adjust your lifestyle/routine around the places you are visiting

New experiences!

You both work full-time while living in an RV. How does this impact your travel style?

With us both working full time it greatly impacts our travel style both positively and negatively. The positive, of course, is that we both have an income and get to spend an extensive period of time in one location. Which allows us to do/afford a lot of weekend get-a-ways, have family/friends visit, and check off some awesome experiences on our bucket list. All while truly embracing the local lifestyle that a certain town/location has to offer.

The other perk is that since I do about 3 month contracts, I am able to take extended periods of time off to relocate. So we get a lot of adventuring in during those time periods. The negative would be that our time adventuring is greatly cut in half while we are both working, Monday- Friday we exercise, eat healthy, and live a very typical lifestyle focused around our work hours. Rich continues to work east coast hours (6a-2p) so he often smokes/grills dinner during the week, which we LOVE doing.

Our weekend consists of adventure, we are always on the go and we try to see a lot of the towns that are within a couple hour drive to where we have set up home.

Therefore, traveling the RV life and working full time is a whirlwind, we never stop. We work all week, play all weekend and it just is a continuous cycle.

The other challenging part is that it limits us to where we can park, I have to be close enough to commute to my job daily, so sometimes finding an RV resort/ state park is difficult and especially one that will let us stay for extended period of time. So even though we would prefer to park in the cheapest places, that isn’t always feasible with my job location.


What would your advice be for anyone considering becoming a traveling speech-language pathologist?

The advice I would give to anyone considering becoming a traveling SLP would be: Do your research. There are a lot of recruiting companies out there that can make or break this experience for you. There are so many social media pages, blogs, and resources available to really help you understand the travel therapy lifestyle, so read them.

I knew a lot about the travel life before we set out on this journey (I did it several years ago) however I have learned so much more since being on the road from using those resources.

The other thing I would say is that the money is great, they pay a lot for someone to be a traveler, but you have to ALWAYS remember to budget for the gaps when you will be relocating and not working. If you don’t budget for those gaps you can get yourself into a real financial struggle.


Is it hard to stay connected on the road? What do you use for internet?

For internet we use a Verizon Jet Pack. We only use the Jet Pack for work related internet as it is expensive and can burn through data quickly. Any other internet is used from our hot spot on our phones since we have unlimited data plans or if the RV park as Wifi (which is usually terrible Wifi).

We have significantly cut back on internet use and only really use it for streaming Hulu. If I need the internet for amazon shopping, research etc. I usually do it at work (sshhh don’t tell my job lol). As Rich relies on internet for his job we plan all our travels around that, he has to be in a location with wifi and cell service Monday-Friday.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Thanks so much for taking the time to share our story! The RV life is truly an amazing opportunity and everyone gets to had their own twist to the journey!

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