Full-Time RV Advice from Veteran RVers

Recently (February 2018), we stayed at the SKP Ranch in Lakewood, NM for a week. If you say “SKP” out-loud, you’ll hear yourself say “Escapee”, which is the reason for the name. This  park is a co-op park of the Escapees RV Club, which is basically a club that supports all RVers. Tim and I joined Escapees ($40/year) to be able to stay at their parks. They have a portion of their membership specifically focused at the younger crowd, called Xscapers. So technically Tim and I are Xscapers. Yeah, it’s all a little confusing – I believe they are working on re-branding and further differentiating the names.

The SKP Ranch is more commonly called “The Ranch” and you can buy a parcel there and park your RV on it. It’s meant to be a home base of sorts for life on the road. Most of the lots also had a little casita, which adds to the living space you have when you are parked for extended periods of time. Most of the people we talked to park at The Ranch for the winter months, then travel during the summers.

The entrance to The Ranch

All of the residents are full-time RVers, many whom have been full-timing for decades. So when I was at one of their happy hours, I couldn’t help but to get their advice for people who are new to RVing or who are considering the lifestyle. Who better to get advice from than those who have been doing it that long?!

Question: What advice would you give to those just starting the full-time RV lifestyle or to those considering it?

See the world while you’re young and healthy. -Laney, 30 yrs experience

Take a summer, rent a class C RV and do some traveling – get away from the area you know and just see if you like it. Full-time travel is not for everyone. -Loyce, 30 yrs experience

When you plug your electric in you should have a surge protector. You get what you pay for in terms of quality. It protects you from poor power at RV parks. – John, 15 yrs experience

Always have a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on any motorhome, travel trailer, or toad – John

You cannot boondock efficiently with a residential refrigerator. Consider the fridge and the type of camping you want to do before buying. -John

I’ve never regretted it -Shirley, 26 yrs experience

The only place you need to be is where you are -Marilyn, 28 yrs experience

Just do it. Take your time. Enjoy it. Don’t be in a hurry. -Krystal, 1 yr experience

Not all who wander are lost -Krystal

It’s not for everyone. It’s an adjustment. -Nettie, 20 years experience

Like each other a lot. Be patient and kind with each other. Do a lot of research. -Charlotte and Richard, 1 yr experience


(PS – Here are the specific products recommended by the veterans. Surgeguard and TPMS)

Some other time, Tim and I will do a post on our advice to anyone considering the RV lifestyle. I hope that these quotes from the veterans have been both informative and inspirational. Many thanks to the kind souls at The Ranch who were willing to share their advice with others! See you on the road!


  1. When you first told all of us about this dream I had never really thought that it was an actual ‘thing’. And here you are quoting people who have been living this lifestyle for 30 years?! Incredible! And exciting!

  2. Hi. Thanks for your blog! My husband and I are newbie full timers and are looking forward to this exciting lifestyle. We are SKP members too! Keep the info coming!

    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for commenting, it always encourages us to hear from people who read our blog! Please let us know if you have any post topic suggestions, we are always looking for ideas!

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