Do you work on the road?

Tim works as a freelance software developer. Hannah freelances doing SEO and websites, and she is looking for a full-time job as a business analyst or product owner. Check out her personal website.

We’re also considering doing a new business, something relating to sharing the RV love with those who don’t want to invest in an RV themselves. Read about our thought process in these posts:

Immersive Nature Experiences via RV; Our Business Idea

So, What About Our Business Idea?

What do you do for internet?

Our internet connection is dependent on 4G cell service. We have an AT&T Mobley hot spot and unlimited Verizon phone plans (although we realize they are not at all actually unlimited).  You can read more about our setup (and staying connected on the road) here.

How long have you been on the road?

Since August 2017.

How long are you going for?

We don’t know. Indefinitely – until we are no longer enjoying the lifestyle, or we want to buy a house again for some reason, or circumstances force us to stop.

How long from idea to launch?

The idea for this came to Hannah in January 2017. It took a little convincing to get Tim on board. We started discussing selling our house with a realtor in March. We put it on the market at the beginning of April. It sold quickly and as of June 1, we were no longer homeowners. We purchased the motorhome in May and it was in the shop for over a month getting repairs. In June, we parked it and started to renovate. We started on the road in late August 2017. So it took about 9 months to make everything happen.  We’ve since sold Trudy and purchased a Fox Mountain fifth wheel in March 2018.

Where are you going? Is there a plan?

Good question – and we don’t really have a good answer! We know we want to go to the beach and we want to go out West. (As of this revision – July 2018 – we have spent almost 3 months in Florida , 5 months in the Southwest, and are back out West again, this time in the Plains states)

We want to see the main attractions, particularly the national parks. We also want Calla to have time back in Pittsburgh with family. She also needs to come back to Pittsburgh for her doctor’s appointments (thanks, insurance that only works in Pittsburgh!).

We want to see the USA but are trying not to force it or rush it. Our sanity is important too, and travel days are stressful. There is no set plan. We plan about 2 stops ahead of time (so a week or two). Sometimes we change our plans last minute. We’ve gotta live up to “Rolling on a Whim”, after all.

Where does the baby sleep?

The Fox has a bunk room, so Calla has her own space to play and sleep.

Who drives the RV?

Tim drives the RV most of the time. Hannah never drove Trudy, but she drove The Fox for the first time in Kansas and promptly had a tire blowout a couple hours later. She’s trying not to get discouraged from ever driving again!

We also did a FAQ post here, where we answer questions in more detail: RV Life FAQ: Hannah and Tim Edition