About Us

About Our Family

Our little family consists of Tim, Hannah, and Calla. We are from Pittsburgh, PA and have been married for 7 years. In June 2017 we sold our home of 7 years and sold/donated most of our possessions to take on a new adventure. Here’s a little bit about each of us.

Family picture on Calla’s 2nd birthday

Tim (as written by Hannah) is a patient perfectionist who is oh-so-logical. He researches everything, and can figure anything out. He is truly a jack-of-all trades who is just as competent at building a house as he is at building software. He is a playful and caring dad who makes sure Calla gets enough dairy and is wearing sunblock. Tim is the brains and the muscle behind a lot of the renovation work in Trudy, backed up by the 7 years’ worth of experience under his belt from previous home renovations.

Tim’s happy place is working hard on a complex project and emerging from the difficulty with a masterpiece.

Striking a pose near Green River, WY

Hannah (as written by Tim) doesn’t hesitate to face hard questions, put in hard work, or go against the grain.  She’s great at asking “why” and seeing the big picture when everyone else is lost in the details.  She’s able to make decisions quickly and pursues goals ruthlessly.  She has an endless amount of drive and her motivation is contagious.  She’s the reason we began pursuing our mobile lifestyle and the reason we’ll be successful.  She manages to immerse Calla in an active and fulfilling environment, work on her business, exercise daily, and be an amazing partner and mother every single day.

Hannah’s happy place is taking a long steep hike in a beautiful place or sitting in the ocean surf with a book.

One Happy Hannah

Calla is 2. She has an independent, determined, social, and sweet spirit. She’s not afraid of much – she loves new experiences and new people. Calla has an affinity for the outdoors. As a colicky infant, the only thing that would calm her was sitting outside by the pond and waterfall at our old house. This love of nature has been a constant in her life, and she stands at the door of the RV and proclaims “GO GO” every morning. She’s not shy about letting you know what she does or doesn’t want, and we love that about her.

Calla’s Calming Pond
Our little princess. Don’t let the frills fool you – this girl loves dirt and rocks!
She always has at least 1 Minnie Mouse – even when boondocking

About Our Decision to go Full-Time RVing

We have written in detail about this decision (see Tim’s post) but to sum it up, we wanted to live our lives according to what is important to us. We took a look at the way we were spending our days, and the hours spent were not aligning with our priorities.

All of this was compounded when the air pollution around our house got really severe and we felt it was no longer a healthy environment for any of us, especially not the young lungs of a baby. We were interested in moving to the city of Pittsburgh and went to some open houses but could not get excited about buying another house. That’s when we began to more seriously explore if the RV idea was feasible for us. We wanted to take the plunge into full-time RV life before Calla needed to go to school.