80 Days Later: Post-RV Update

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged and lots has changed. We’re still planning on blogging about the full-time RVing stops we haven’t yet covered – stay tuned!

How’s post-RV life?

Great! We love the area in which we’ve settled. Nearly every day is full sun with gorgeous mountain views. We’re renting a townhouse with no yard and no maintenance – quite the opposite of the constant maintenance of an RV!

Normal Boulder county scenery on a lunchtime run

We’re both happy to be back to working full-time and Calla is in daycare learning new things and making new friends. But when we’re able, we’re out exploring.

Hannah snowshoeing in Brainard Lake Rec Area near Boulder, CO

So far, the winter here has been down right enjoyable. It’s 10-15 degrees warmer than a normal winter back home and the sun here makes such a difference. When the sun is on you, you’re warm. Which is nearly all the time. The sun makes 40-50 degrees feel comfortable with a light jacket or warm shirt. And it’s never humid! No wonder the Boulder area is so popular.

We’re spending as much time as we can outdoors – hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing – whatever the weather, it’s perfect for something. And yes, I said skiing – which is new to us. We went to resort here in the Rockies and loved it!

Skiing at Copper Mountain

With so many outdoor opportunities surrounding us, we’re sure to get out for a quick (or long) hike any time we can.

Calla exploring near the Flatirons in Boulder, CO

We had family visit in early December and gave them the CO tour – Boulder for entertainment and Rocky Mountain National Park for nature.

Straight to 10k’! RMNP is a great destination for visitors.

We went home to Pittsburgh, PA for a little over a week around Christmas and then visited Disney World in Orlando, FL with family.

Calla loved Disney – she even got to meet her idol, Minnie Mouse!

The holidays were a whirlwind, but we had a great time and had lots of quality time with family.

Calla really warmed up to Santa this year

What happened to the Fox and Ram?

They’re sold! November was a busy month for us – in addition to starting new jobs in a new city, we sold the Fox, the Ram, Tim’s old Accord (which was towed out to CO) and bought two “normal” cars.

The car of CO – Subaru! Almost as much torque as the Ram…

We accepted that we might have to hold on to the Fox until the RV market heats up in the spring, but the Fox (and all of our accessories) got a new home after having it on the market for a few weeks. Its in good hands with the new owner, who is a seasoned boondocker and Northwood fanatic.The Ram was sold soon after to another great family who initially came out to see the Fox.

The Fox leaving storage with the new owner. Bittersweet!

Do you miss RVing?

Of course we miss it. We miss the freedom to go where we want and explore the beauty of nature. Having a home on wheels enabled us to do what we wanted when we wanted. We were able to focus on what we wanted and leave the rest out. Our full-time RV life was pretty simple, and we loved it.

We learned and grew a lot on our full-time RVing adventure. We’re more adventurous, more creative, and more determined than we ever were before, and that’s due to RVing. You simply have to be comfortable with the unknown, and have some an ample supply of ingenuity and determination in order to make the full-time RV life work.

The good news is that none of that is left behind when you settle down. This new phase of our lives is also pretty simple. And we still “cut the fat” and focus on what we want to focus on.

Calla enjoying her snowman friend

The best part of RV life is the confidence it can instill in its followers. Let’s be honest, living in an RV can be stressful and challenging – monitoring tanks, making repairs on the road, navigating forest roads, always being in new places, figuring out where to go next – but after a while, the challenges become “noise” and the unknown becomes familiar.

Full-time RVing was extremely rewarding, and we’ll look back at that phase of our lives with gratitude, happiness, and inspiration.

Calla enjoying the big slide at the local park

Check back soon for more updates!


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