5 Things I’m Loving Lately – 9/29/2018

It’s time for my second “5 Things I’m Loving Lately” post! Read the first one here. Full disclosure, this post really has nothing to do with RVing – it’s just a list of a few random things that I’ve been digging as of late.

1. Netflix’s Afflicted

I love documentaries. It might be my favorite TV genre (next in line would be bad reality TV…*cringe*). Since we’ve had an electricity hookup for the past few weeks, I’ve been able to watch some shows.  Afflicted chronicles people living with chronic illness and the different treatments they try to alleviate their symptoms. This show was downright fascinating to me, particularly the symptoms themselves. Some (actually, most) of them are so off-the-wall, like the woman who is so bothered by radiation that she can’t be around cell phones, wi-fi networks, any wireless device, or fluorescent lighting. 

Photo copyright: Netflix

If you’re looking for a binge-worthy Netflix show, I highly recommend this one. 

2. Apple Watch

I’ve had my Apple Watch for awhile now…I think I bought it about a year ago? I can’t really remember. I tried the Fitbit Ionic first, but wasn’t happy with its limited functionality for the price point. I ended up getting an Apple Watch, and I love the darn thing. Like way more than I thought I would.

Worth every penny

It’s not perfect when it comes to heart-rate monitoring. Sometimes it is so far off…especially when I’m lifting weights. I assume it has something to do with my bent wrists. So if you are looking for it to accurately determine how many calories you burned, you may be disappointed. But I use it as a general gauge (and I don’t need a watch to tell me when I’m working hard!).

You can ping your iPhone from your watch. Embarrassing fact: I lose my phone. A LOT. Like multiple times a day. With my watch, I just swipe up on the screen, tap a button, and my iPhone responds with a loud tone. Makes it so easy to find! Sure beats wandering around frustrated looking for it, which used to be the case. 

I usually have notifications muted on my watch, so I don’t even really use it for it’s main purpose. But I love tracking my workouts with it, even with it’s heart-rate monitoring faults, and I love the ability to find my phone with it. If I don’t wear it for a day, I miss it. All hail the Apple Watch. FYI – it only works with an iPhone. Womp, womp. My love for the watch was the reason why I got another iPhone when my last one broke. It’s exactly what Apple wants – to keep you in their ecosystem. At least I’m aware that I’m a pawn? Ha!

3. Schmidt’s Deodorant

I decided to give natural deodorant a try about 6 months ago, and I haven’t looked back. It’s not that I was even seeking it out. I just so happened to see Schmidt’s at Target while I was disappointed with my current choice (Degree…because I know you care so much about my deodorant history) and thought I’d give it a try. Turns out, this deodorant works better than Degree. And it doesn’t have any unpronounceable ingredients in the list, which is always a plus. My sister also uses Schmidt’s after my suggestion. She’s a nurse who works all day long in high stress situations, and she said Schmidt’s works better for her than a traditional deodorant, too. 

Loyal Schmidt’s customer here

Beware the charcoal one. I went through a whole stick of it but it can stain light-colored clothes. I currently have the lavender one and it smells amazing! They also sell this deodorant in a 3-pack at Costco, cheaper than you can find it in most stores. I’ve heard of Native before, but I haven’t tried it. It’s a competitor to Schmidt’s. I saw it at Target recently and it’s $12 for one stick! Schmit’s is much more reasonably priced at about $4. Definitely give it a try next time you are in the market for a new deodorant.

4. Freddy’s Steakburgers and Custard

Tim and I originally tried Freddy’s on a whim in Kansas while we were driving back from Denver to Pittsburgh. We had In N’ Out Burger a few times, and thought it was good, but Freddy’s blew it out of the water.

Maybe it’s not as famous, but Freddy’s is awesome. Their burgers are thin and crispy (2 patties per sandwich) with fresh toppings and their fries + fry sauce are amazing. We both think that Freddy’s focuses on texture with their food and they sure do have it right. When we go, we get Calla chocolate milk and it’s actually made right there – no prepackaged chocolate milk. They also have homemade custard that you can see coming right out of the machines. I highly recommend the chocolate! Sometimes you just get the “burger and fries” craving, and Freddy’s hits the spot in that category.

As far as I know, Freddy’s hasn’t expanded to the East coast, so most of our friends and family won’t have this pleasure just yet. Hopefully they keep expanding, because I know they’d do well there!

Chocolate milk at Freddy’s

5. Calla’s First Real Haircut

Calla got her first real haircut last week and she just looks so darn cute with her little bob. She was perfectly behaved for the haircut (to be fair, they distracted her with Mickey videos). Have you heard of Cookie Cutters before? They are a chain of salons that specialize in kid haircuts. So they have it down to a science, complete with videos, a cool chair that looks like a car, balloons, and lollipops. At the end of the cut, the hairdresser put her hair up and Calla got to pick out a bow (pink, of course). Overall the experience was very cute and warmed my heart.

Admiring the finished product

There you have it. 5 things I’m loving lately!

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